A Broad and Integrated Program

Perkins’ interdisciplinary approach builds bridges between subject areas to create themes, rather than teaching subjects in isolation. This thematic instruction integrates basic disciplines like reading and math with the exploration of a broad subject, such as animal communities, Native American cultures, or Lewis and Clark. Such an integrated approach enables students to connect with subject matter in a variety of ways, deepening their learning and broadening their understanding.

Commitment to All Areas of Development

Children learn best in small classes, where they are known and appreciated as individuals. Perkins’ small class and school size and close relationships between staff and student fosters learning and social growth. Parents, teachers, and administrators work together to help every child grow to full capacity in all areas of development: cognitive, creative, social, emotional, and physical. To ensure a truly optimal learning experience, we are mindful of all areas of growth in each child.

Motivating Curriculum

The bedrock of a quality school experience is the ability to inspire. Children who have experienced a dynamic and motivating curriculum are more likely to be academically prepared, self-confident, and have a life-long love for learning. Our ever-evolving curriculum is based on not only national standards, but also on what will generate student enthusiasm.

Emphasis on Individualization

Individualization in all academic areas ensures that children are neither frustrated nor bored. Teachers adapt presentations, activities, and assignments so that students are challenged and supported at appropriate levels. Our success with educating children depends on understanding them, valuing them as individuals with unique strengths and weaknesses, and treating them with respect.

Multi-Age Classes

In our second/third, and fourth/fifth grade multi-age classes, students learn with and from each other. Interdependence counts at least as much as independence. Because learning at Perkins is differentiated, teachers inspire children to “stretch” themselves to perform at their own individual best and encourage them to celebrate one another’s progress. Students and teachers alike benefit from the wider range of academic and leadership opportunities in these multi-grade environments.

Collaborative and Dedicated Teachers

Teachers at Perkins have a strong voice in all elements of school life. They work closely together to design, adapt, and enhance our curriculum. This allows us to have a truly dynamic program that effectively supports, challenges, and inspires our students. Our teachers find true joy in interacting with children every day. They work hard to ensure the best educational experience possible for each child by creating and maintaining a stimulating, creative, and caring atmosphere.

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