Staff Email

Barry Wright ~ Head of School
Shana Reiss de Reyes ~ Assistant Head of School
Suzanne Coleman ~ Director of Student Support
Angie Gianelli ~ Admissions Director, Business Manager,
Crista Prince ~ Office Manager

Faculty Email Addresses

Ali Parizer ~ 4th & 5th Grade Core Teacher
Andy Crane ~ Music Teacher, Math assistant
Emily Bond ~ 1st Grade Core Teacher, Library Coordinator
Gabby Goeglein ~ 2nd & 3rd Grade Core Teacher
Grant Hayslip ~ Kindergarten Core Teacher
Hannah Nkeulia ~ French Teacher, Lower Grade Art Teacher, Reading Assistant
Jenna Robinson ~ Assistant Teacher
Kady Shumway ~ 4th & 5th Grade Core Teacher
Lauren Krevet ~ Student Support Specialist
Larissa Zubair ~ 1st Grade Core Teacher
Mary Louise ~ 2nd & 3rd Grade Core Teacher
Megan Peck ~ EDP Director, Assistant Teacher
Patrick Delaney ~ P.E. Teacher
Sandra Brown-Potter ~ Student Support Specialist
Sarah Yonich ~ Kindergarten Core Teacher
Zoë Dash ~ Science Teacher, Environmental Education Director
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